Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kids Creativity

My first Tuesday without KidZone found me exhausted napping at the Subaru dealership in Capitola as my oil was being changed.
KidZone was definitely a learning experience for me this last year. The biggest challenge was probably coming up with weekly crafts. Yes, you heard right, I, Nicole Alvernaz, had to be crafty once a week. Sometimes the craft was just cool and had nothing to do with the lesson, like when we used tennis balls to make pumpkin puppets. (Thanks Mom). Other times we were so tired and out of ideas the kids got a coloring page and word search. Oddly enough they seemed to enjoy it. Go figure. 

Some days the craft was a show up and make it work, other days well.... I think the picture speaks for itself. I must have spent a good 45 minutes crumpling pieces of paper bags, and wetting them through. By the time I was done I had paper bags drying all over the kitchen. It was ridiculous and made me question my sanity. Doing all of this without a second thought, what kind of a monster had I become?  

That day we were studying the 10 Commandments. The craft, on old looking animal hide/paper right a simplified version of the 10 Commandments and decorate. Which the kids did. However the real creativity came out later as some of the kids decided the 10 Commandments needed some additions. The following photos are what they thought was missing.

 I've got to admit, some of them are brilliant! Particularly the junk food and pizza ones.

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  1. Grin. From the mouths of babes...
    I finally had pizza tonight for the first time in I don't know how long! Guess I'm failing at the 10 Amendments...