Sunday, May 15, 2011

Per Request

The sun beat down on the ravine where she stood surrounded by rocks and dirt. She looked up, He stood above her on the rock, sweat on His face, hand outstretched, eyes twinkling mischief, "Do you trust me?"

How He got up there she had no idea. But He was and now her friend wanted to haul her up next to Him. Did she trust Him? "I'm trying to." she said, staring at the rock in front of her.

His smile didn't dimisnish with this avoidence, "But do you trust me?"

She knew what He was asking. Hesitantly she raised her hand to meet His, "Yes." she thought, "I trust You and am joining You but Your eyes and smile make me apprehensive."

Her Hand grasped His and He haulded her up, "See, I'm trusting You." Even as she said it and scrambled up next to Him she wraped her cloak of fears around her shoulders and tried to shy away.

He caught her eye and stood there grinning, like a boy about to start a wonderful adventure. Maybe it would end in constructing a brand new fort, or maybe He would find burried treasure, but one thing was for sure, there was going to be dirt, running, yelling, bruises and proabably at least a scraped knee or elbow.

She glanced away and saw open country with green hills, and trees under a very blue sky. She looked down to the droy rocky revine she'd just been standing in, then back to Him.

He stood waiting, eyes and smile begging her to join Him in His excitment. She felt the fears tighten their grip. She knew she wasn't trusting Him all the way, but He was wild, and unpredictable. His tossled hair attested that fact. And he wasn't promising she'd like the new game, let alone what it was.

"Oh," His eyes danced, "It'll be fun, but it only works if you enter into the spirit of the game."

"But you could get hurt or not like the rules." her cloak wispered alarmed. "Who knows what precious thing He might ask you to give up." Rational Thought began to whisper into her ear.

"Well?" He was eger as any boy to be off.

She stood weighing pros and cons when His look caught her. "Will you play with me? You used to be so good at pretending."

At that moment she knew the adventure would be much less worth it if she didn't completly trust Him. It would be dull, lame and annoying if fears were constently tripping her up.

In an instant her face changed, "Yes" she said laughing, her grin matching His own, "Let's have some fun." At His howl of delight the cloak fluttered onto the rock. And with a shout of glee the two friends raced off to see what sort of adventure would come their way.

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