Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I Can't Resist....

....although you probably wish I had.

Apparently our federal government decided it needs a break. Sitting on the tractor yesterday and realized how ridiculous the whole thing is. Everyone agrees a budget needs to be made, the problem is people can’t agree what to include and what to cut.

 It’s like when we were kids and Mom told us we could watch a movie. Do you know how hard it is to get five or six kids to agree on what movie to watch? We’d end up with factions and alliances, trying to sway the others over to your side. It could take an hour to chose a movie and sometimes we took so long Mom would nix the whole thing. (There were other ways of ensuring something you didn’t like didn’t get watched too. One sibling disliked My Fair Lady, so they would intentionally swear in front of Mom and then blame the movie. It was very clever, but really annoying).

As adults we still don’t always agree, but the days of storming out of the room and getting really mad have faded as we’ve become adults. Which brings us full circle back to today.

Truthfully, this strike doesn’t really bother me. It’s still harvest time and the crop still needs to be gathered. My family and friends are still around and the grocery store is still open so I can get food. The thing that does bug are the poor average blokes getting “time off” because their employers are acting like squabbling kids.
I could end there, but I have two more thoughts, and the second one will probably get me in trouble. I apologize in advance for any frustration my observations may cause you.

First off; Forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the idea of budgeting to a) insure you don’t go into debt; or b) that you get out of it in a timely manner? So why does our government budget always have a growing debt attached to it? I mean, am I missing something here? I’m pretty sure business don’t like the debt category and usually try to avoid it, or if it’s necessary hope the rewards out way the risks.

I have seen friends live frugally on small amounts of money to keep themselves out of debt or to pay off debts in a timely manner. It’s not impossible to do. (Although we are talking about government and traditionally they have been rather lavish with expenditures and often in debt).

Secondly, I think the government should stop trying to play god. It’s not the government’s job to take care of people;  that is the churches job. I believe that’s anyone who calls themselves a Christian/identifies with Christ or is generally religious; I believe it’s their responsibility.

I’ll admit it, I agree with the idea, you don't work, you don't eat. (Shocker to those who know me, Nicole work?!?) I may not like it, but I am physically fit, of mostly sound mind, and there is no reason why I cannot provide for my own basic needs. I realize there are some people who truly cannot do this.

For example, my youngest sister is physically and mentally handicapped; if she learns to walk or talk it’ll be a big deal. She will always need someone to take care of her, and is fortunate to have my parents. I get the idea that some people cannot fully support themselves and that responsibility falls on those of us who can work. (My sister can help put her blocks away.  Sometimes…)

 I also understand there are times when people are down on their luck. (Believe me I get that). And we should help people get back on their feet. But there comes a point in time where we have to grow up, and take responsibility. On the record, working a minimum wage job with a college degree is disillusioning and sometimes stinks. But it puts food on the table and allows me to pay my bills.

I am not an expert in world religions, but from the little bit I do know I’ve noticed something interesting; gods tend to demand some kind of sacrifice for their protection and favor. Government, I applaud your continual desire to recreate Eden. But maybe, just maybe, part of the solution would be giving us back responsibility, and letting us man up. At least that’s a sacrifice I understand. I can’t help but wonder what the cost of all this will be.

Awww, who am I kidding. Governments don’t relinquish power, and who wants to pay for what we can get for free anyway… Here’s to hoping they pick a movie soon. Although I’d hold off on the popcorn. It’s not so good stale.  


  1. This is probably the most I've ever heard from you politically. That's weird to think. Good writing!

  2. Yeah, well I left my most of my ranting days behind with childhood, when I realized 1) no one cares what you think unless you agree with them, 2) no one really has a plan for anything, and 3) politicians are not the gods or heroes we want them to be, they're just regular people in fancy suits.

    So even if I have definite "views" I generally try to ignore politics, keep my mouth shut and if I do rant, rant to the sky and trees. Even still sometimes I just can't help myself...