Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Promised Information

I am officially back online. I’ve actually been back for a little over a week, but I got a tad busy and wasn’t able to get to this.  Yes indeed folks, I have safely returned from a 10 day cruise to Mexico with my Grandmother!

Wait, cruise? You were on a cruise?

Yup, I told you not to think I was suffering too much.

It was fun, the food was fabulous and I got some good bonding time with my Grandma. I tried many things I’d never tried before, lobster, veal, Yorkshire pudding, torts and baked Alaska. And got to enjoy others I’d only gotten once or twice before, like lamb.

Sadly this 5’7” child isn’t able to eat tons of food 24/7 and quickly learned, that a light breakfast and lunch was the way to go. I also learned afternoon tea is great, but when you have the early seating it wrecks havoc with dinner. But I am proud to say I did indeed finish the giant piece of chocolate (and either ice cream or mouse) cake, and suffered for it later.

One of my biggest concerns was how the whole pool situation was going to work out with like 2,000 people on board. I was looking forward to lap swimming, but that doesn’t work so well with people in the pool.

Turns out it wasn’t really a problem. There were a total of 4 pools on board and the indoor one was the least popular. That suited me just fine.  (On a sad note the first hot shower I had was rinsing off after swimming toward the end of the cruise. I kept hitting the timing wrong….)

I was reminded I am not a sit out in the sun doing nothing person. If I’m drying off from swimming, fine, if I’m reading, ok, but if I’m just sitting and it gets hot, forget it! I tried it one day, no me gusta.  If I want to be that hot, I’ll go weeding this summer, thank you very much.

We left from SF on Easter Sunday, and stopped at Catalina on our way down. (There were a lot of people from SF on the ship. It was sometimes sad, you'd ask someone where they were from and they'd say California).  Mexico was hot and muggy. Someday I want to go to the actual interior of Mexico. We stopped in two places, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo. They were nice, but frankly it was kinda like being in CA. 

On the way back we stopped off in San Diego. That was cool, I got to see my SD relatives, and my brother who's going to school down there. 

When I was wandering around Cabo I did get asked if I worked on the ship that was kinda funny. And the day I wore my Pizza My Heart shirt, I got asked more times if I was from Santa Cruz than I knew was possible!

The trip ended with strong winds and choppy seas. At one point the captain announced we heading out toward Hawaii to get smoother waters. Everyone cheered at that, but sadly we didn't continue this course.
It was fun, but I must admit I was glad to be home back on dry land and not fighting off the Dramamine. (No one told me it made you dopey  imagine my surprise!) Oddly enough, I think the fresh bread and desserts might be what I've missed the most. Well, not so oddly if you know me.  Grin.

My biggest complaint, I got a banana split and there were no sprinkles and no cherry on top. 

I took some time to contemplate on board ship and continued it once on land and of course life has happened continued since I returned. And I’m going to stop there, dangling the cake right in front of your nose. Inhale that wonderful, rich, fresh aroma. You never know what I’ll say or where I’ll be next. The only way to keep up is to stay tuned into this wonderful fantastic blog. Or call me. Or email. Or literally surprise me and show up on my doorstep. Yeah…I think the blog’s the simplest… 


  1. Nice.
    So did you get off in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo?
    Also, that food all sounds amazing. And the indoor pool.

  2. I did get off in both places. Puerto Vallarta, was a brief trip to a nearby flea market. Cabo I wondered around the marina, popping in and out of buildings, and (best part) I found a taco stand.