Monday, March 5, 2012

Work Code Trumps Campus Rules

Today I wore a red polo and had a blue handkerchief hanging out of my pocket. I consider myself an equal opportunity wearer of all "gang" colors.

I also get to carry and use my knife at work. Gotta love hardware stores.


  1. Legit!
    (on the actually using your knife at work part, not the gangsta part, sorry)

  2. Haha. Fair enough, I can't really disagree. I am many things, however, gangster is not one of them.

    Still,I'm too cool for school.(Just had to throw that in there. I realized after I'd posted this that would a have been a brilliant title). So there you go world, enjoy basking in my cleverness.

  3. I am a hypocrite, but I am ready for a new blog post!!! I know there's interesting stuff congealing in that brain of yours. Spill it!