Saturday, April 23, 2011


As I cleaned my room this morning, looking for my Verizon Bill, I found all kinds of "notes" scribbled on random scraps of paper.

Old lists, goals, work notes, recipies. All manner of trash that I'd set down then lost in the mess. Most of them no longer have any importance. Some just don't make since.

Exhibit A, on one bit, in tiny messy cursive, that took me five minutes to decipher, were these lines.

I am 1 person, but not an only child.
I like to let my hair down, but I did not grow up wild.
Dare devil, risk takere can be applied to me
Simply because I am FREE

A wind blown mess may adorn my head
I love the out doors...
The jungles was my playground, the sea my back yard. 

Random ain't? I have no clue why I wrote that on the back of a used sticky. It could be someone elses thoughts for all I know. As far as I'm concerned, it's jibberish with no meaning. But I gotta admit it makes me wonder, what was going through my head?

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