Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The thing with being by the window on an 11 hour plane ride is that it's much harder to get up and move around with two people between you and the isle. So I sat there the entire flight; reading, trying to sleep, eating, I even watched three movies! My legs were very happy at the end when I got to stand up. I haven't decided yet, but I may prefer the isle for flights longer than 6-8 hours. (Shocking I know.)

I must say the flight was much more "classy" than Ryanair, the flying commercial, but the safety demonstration was less epic. 

The real excitement happened at the airports. Here's a recap.....

Yesterday I became the random person who got pulled aside in Frankfurt and "searched". The whole thing was so funny. I made a mistake and made eye contact with a aimlessly wandering guard on my way to the bathroom. (At last I understood when he asked if I spoke German). I was trying hard not to laugh as they patted me down/checked my bag, I think it weirded them out a little because I kept chuckling. But we give Casey so much flack. The guy examining my bag, must have felt self conscious. because he was kinda clumsy in putting stuff back. Before that I had to unzip my bag in Salzburg for security, to show my water bottles were empty. Anyway, in addition to making me think of my sketchy brother, it seemed similar to when I would try to get ushers for MH, so I actually kinda felt sorry for them. As I laughed my head off of course.

As I was waiting at the airport a small girl either thought I was someone else, or I was wearing something that made her think of someone else. She kept staring at me even at the end of the flight! and kept trying to tell her mother something but it wasn't in English. (I think she cried every time she was awake on the flight. She'd work herself up to the point she'd be coughing). 

To end this very long email, when I was tying to get your bag out of the trash bag and on my back, the security beagle took an interest in my backpack that was on the floor. So I had to unzip my bag and show the food I had in there. Actually the guy asked if I had fresh fruit in there, and I told him I had some in there earlier. He basically believed me I think, but just had to "check".

I always knew it would be harder for me to get back into the country than leave. My flight got in at noon yesterday, but I didn't get home until 10:30 pm. Mom, the little girls and I drove around San Francisco sightseeing/waiting to meet up with my brother who is studying there this quarter. It was a long day, and sadly for my Mother and sisters I was a bit overtired. 

Flying and lessons learned: 6 am flights not necessarily so great. 3:20 wake up calls SUCK! I do like airplane food. I love Ryanair's safety demonstration. It's the best part of the flight. 

Oh and just to set the record straight, I did get a new knife in Spain, but it's a lot smaller. 

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