Monday, June 5, 2017

A Thought from Work

  I manage student’s employees, but my office is removed from their physical location. Recently some work I assigned wasn't completed. I have spent most of a work week trying to obtain a status update so I could communicate what still needed to be done. All week the sheet marking their progress was not updated. Friday, I finally had enough and had to go down into their space myself to figure out what was going on. Once I understood where things stood I took a rather stern tone with them and reset expectations. 
     As I was walking downstairs to enter their work space myself I realized this is what Jesus did. God communicated from on high, made His plan clear, but because we couldn't get the job done He came down and took care of things Himself. In the time between giving His instructions, and His coming, He provided some sternly worded messages when Israel ignored their project. (Although, I would argue their punishment was much harsher then the point system we use with our students.) And in the midst of holding them accountable for their actions God always forgave, reset the goal, and promised something even better. 
     Which led me to this question; how often am I like my students who don't always understand the reason behind things, but just see our processes as tedious and mundane? How often in that ignorance do I say, "no, I have a more efficient way", to God? 

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