Sunday, July 20, 2014

Peeves and Puzzles

Apparently I have some snarkiness that needs to be expressed. 

He vs She

My education taught me to understand the universal he. He doesn’t always simply mean male; it can be a universal term for anyone breathing. I understand this may frustrate people in today’s society, however it made sense to me as a child, she requires an extra letter and if you're going to use both he and she that’s an extra five-six letters. Who wants to write more than they have to?

As you (authors) tend to make it clear when addressing a specific sex, please stop insulting my intelligence, I am fully capable of comprehending when you use he in a universal inclusive sense without feeling offended. Switching between the two makes you come across as associating characteristics with gender, or as trying too hard.

Coloring Books
-          By Heidi

When they include giant crayons with coloring books that have details? How are you supposed to use that monstrosity to color say, buttons on a coat, and stay within the lines?

Childhood Rhymes

It’s funny what sticks with you from childhood. Thanks to the rhyme “step on a crack, you’ll break your mother’s back” I still avoid cracks when I walk. Not because I think I’ll break Mom’s back, but because it’s become a game to try to avoid cracks as much as possible without altering my stride. Sadly, this game periodically turns into a compulsion that becomes an unpleasant nuisance to someone used to scanning the ground for weeds when they walk.


If you are from South America you are of Hispanic descent. If your ancestors were from Spain you are of Hispanic descent. However, if you’re ancestors were from Portugal or North Africa, you are simply considered white. What? 

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