Thursday, January 13, 2011

Life on the Farm

 Some things I've done the last two weeks (not necessarily in chronological order)
   Hunted arrows after shooting them at the mountain/stockade
   Made sourdough bread
   Went to Merced College with Domi to get his books. Then Cold Stone!
   Baked cookies with a friend
   Tried to do a handstand, ended up with a kinked neck
   Drove tractor and disc in freezing cold from shed to house. Dad bundled me up in his coat and beanie.

   Made brownies with mint frosting then chocolate
 on top
   Cut hot bed plastic
   Swept up loan tree leaves and walnuts
   Picked up fallen oranges
   Ignored the cat
   Made a new order form at work
   Listened to “Captain Noah and the One and Only Zoo Cruise for Twos” several times

  Learned 1 ball of cookie dough + 5 minutes in the microwave = char and smoke

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